A Procurement Unit is Established in Accordance with Regulation 8(1)

The level of qualification and experience required of procurement professionals under section 26(9) of the Act shall be stipulated by the Authority.

The Functions of the Procurement Unit

  • To maintain and update annually standing lists of registered tenderers required by the procuring entity and liaise with the Authority in respect of the Authority’s register of suppliers and procuring agents;
  • Prepare, publish and distribute procurement and disposal opportunities including invitations to tender, pre-qualification documents and invitations for expressions of interest;
  • Co-ordinate the receiving and opening of tender documents;
  • Maintain and safeguard procurement and disposal documents and records in accordance with these Regulations;
  • Submit shortlists and lists of pre-qualified tenderers to the tender committee or procurement committee for approval;
  • Issue procurement and disposal documents to candidates in accordance with the Act and these Regulations;
  • Propose the membership of evaluation committee to the accounting officer for approval;
  • Co-ordinate the evaluation of tenders, quotations and proposals;
  • Recommend a negotiating team for appointment by the accounting officer where negotiations are allowed by the Act and these Regulations and participate in such negotiations;
  • Prepare and publish notices of award and notices of tender acceptance;
  • Prepare contract documents, in line with the award decision;
  • Prepare and issue rejection and debriefing letters;
  • Prepare contract variations and modifications to documents;
  • Maintain and archive documents and records of the procurement and disposal activities for the required period;
  • Provide information, as required, for any petition or investigation to debar a tenderer or contractor or any investigation under review procedures;
  • Implement the decisions of the procurement, tender and disposal committees, including coordinating all activities of these committees;
  • Act as a secretariat to the tender, procurement and disposal committees;
  • Liaise with the Authority and other bodies on matters relating to procurement and disposal;
  • Prepare and submit to the Authority reports required under the Act, these Regulations and guidelines of the Authority;
  • (t) Monitor contract management by user departments to ensure implementation of contracts in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contracts;
  • Report any significant departures from the terms and conditions of the contract to the head of the procuring entity;
  • Recommend the delegation of a procurement or disposal function to another procuring entity by the head of the procuring entity whenever a need arises;
  • Prepare consolidated procurement and disposal plans;
  • Advise the procuring entity on aggregation of procurement to promote economies of scale;
  • Co-ordinate internal monitoring and evaluation of the supply chain function;
  • Carry out periodic market surveys to inform the placing of orders or adjudication by the relevant award committee;
  • Conduct periodic and annual stock taking;
  • Certify the invoices and payment vouchers to suppliers;
  • Approve extension of the tender validity period;
  • Verify that the available stock levels warrant initiating a procurement process;
  • Carry out any other functions or duties as may be provided under the Act or these Regulations and any other functions that might be stipulated by the Authority.

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